Estoppel Letter Requests

Instructions for requesting Estoppel Letters:

  • Residents of Single-Family homes must request the Estoppel Letter from our accountant, Padron & Montoro (contact information is listed below).
  • They must pay a fee that will be indicated on the accounting.
  • After this, the request arrives at the Kings Creek Village Association office. Once it is verified that there is no pending violation, the request is approved or denied, depending on the case.
  • If approved, Padron sends the letter to the new owners or to the person who requests it.
  • It is important to note, the different sub associations, i.e. Townhouses, Camino Circle, Camino Court, and Village of Kings Creek DO NOT require Estoppel Letters from the Master Association. Contact the appropriate sub-association listed below.

To request estoppel letters, contact:

Carolina Harcha / Padron, Montoro & Hartney CPA

Phone: 305-232-4400 ext 201



Sub Associations Emails:

Camino Court: Nilceia Grossi

Camino Circle: Kelly Scott

Village of Kings Creek: Mireya Villaverde

Kings Creek Townhouse Association: Alean Vicuna

Shopping Center: Pilar Moore