Dear Residents of Kings Creek  Association ,

Living in beautiful South Florida also means living with the threat of hurricanes and as we are now officially in hurricane season we would like to take this opportunity to address a few very important points. The best way to protect your life and property is to plan ahead of time. Affinity Management Services is committed to the safety and well-being of all of our residents, their properties, and our valued employees. Therefore, this letter is being shared to you with the purpose of providing you with information that will help save valuable time in making decisions and preparations as we approach the height of the Hurricane Season and in the repair process afterward.

Below are some basic instructions to prepare for any hurricane event as well as the website links to the latest Hurricane guides which include a list of grocery stores, gas stations with generators, and hurricane shelters to further assist you in your planning, you may also download the mobile application ReadyMDC:

Immediately upon announcement of a Hurricane Watch , all residents must bring all personal items inside. As soon as a Hurricane Warning is announced, all Affinity employees will be instructed to return to their own homes to take care of their family and their property. Preparation and awareness are key elements in getting through a storm season safely. We urge you to please take the time to go over all of the information provided. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your property manager. 


When a storm threatens, it is each resident’s responsibility to fully prepare their home by taking these measures:

  1. Remove all items from your balcony or patio including furniture, plants, and decorative wall fixtures. If you are a seasonal resident, we strongly recommend you remove all your exterior items prior to leaving South Florida for the season OR designate a responsible person to remove these items in your absence.
  2. Turn off your water at the master valve.
  3. Close and firmly lock sliding glass doors and windows. Wedge sliding glass doors to prevent lifting.
  4. Place towels at the inside bottom of all doors and window sills in order to help prevent water intrusion.
  5. The property is not a designated hurricane shelter. Many basic services may be limited or unavailable. Staffing will be withdrawn for safety during the storm. Depending on the severity of the storm’s strike, it may be several days before operations to return to normal. Carefully consider the following when making plans:
  6. Be aware that basic services like electricity, telephone, police and fire rescue may not be available.
  7. Elevators will be brought to the highest floor and shut down to avoid damage.
  8. In order to avoid any damages to the pool equipment, maintenance will turn off all pool equipment and lower the water levels. This will help avoid the pumps from clogging with debris and burning out.
  9. Pool chairs, tables and umbrellas will be brought inside the gym, to avoid items from flying off and being damaged.
  10. Common area air conditioners could possibly be turned off to avoid any damages to the equipment.


Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so it is important to prepare a family emergency plan that will help you respond to any emergency situation. Most hurricane evacuation centers shown on the list provided DO NOT accept pets. For the few that do, a pre-registration form must be filled out and submitted to verify eligibility. 


Once the local police, fire and governing authorities permit entry to the premises the management staff will return to the property. The staff will replace furniture and prepare a detailed list of damages to common areas and the actions needed to prepare the property to reopen. Many gas stations and grocery stores have identified themselves as having backup power capability. However, it is important to keep in mind that factors other than a lack of electricity may keep businesses from opening post-disaster, including structural damage, supply shortages and/or lack of manpower. 


You should review that your insurance coverage is current with costs AND adequate for your furnishings and other personal belongings. If you do not have insurance, we strongly encourage you to obtain an individual Homeowners or Renters insurance policy. Hurricane deductibles apply when there is wind damage to a property as a result of a hurricane that is named by the National Hurricane Center and comes with a hurricane warning. Homeowners will be responsible for the association’s deductible and such deductible can range between 3% – 5% of the property value as well as responsibility for co-insurance payments.

We urge you take the time to go over all the information provided.